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Dear friends,

Well we’ve heard the rumours for a few days that Bishop Geoffrey Robinson’s new book, Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church, was going to be provocative. Linda Morris in today’s Sydney Morning Herald calls it "explosive". Here’s a couple of quotes from her article: "In an explosive critique of the church to be published tomorrow, [Bishop Geoffrey Robison] has directly criticised both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI for Rome’s reluctance to … Continue reading

General Invitation

May Sales at Bonhams & Goodman

The Collection of Gordon and Elaine Syron

Save the Blackfellas’ Dreaming Collection!

We are pleased to invite you to the opening preview for our May Sales on Thursday 3 May, 6-8pm, at our Bay East Rooms, 409 George Street, Waterloo.

These sales consist of an unprecedented selection of Aboriginal art and will be held over three days as follows:



The third annual New Pentecost Forum organised by a coalition of peace and ecumenical groups will coincide with the anniversary of the 1967 referendum which recognised Aboriginal human rights and the anniversary of the Bringing Them Home Report.

This year’s keynote speaker for the Forum is Rev Dr Jojo Fung, a Malaysian Jesuit priest who ministers to Malaysia’s Orang Asli (Indigenous people). He will be joined by Sr Susan Connelly, a Josephite Sister and well-known advocate for East Timor, Mr Tony Kevin, a distinguished former Australian ambassador to Poland and Cambodia and 2003 "International … Continue reading

Gerry out, Clesio in

The Church Mouse was unable to attend Sunday Mass at St Vincent’s yesterday, and missed out on the excitement, summarised in the following excerpts taken from an email received late last night:

Gerry Prindiville is no longer parish priest. We do not know if he resigned or was removed. The anouncement in the church flyer was "Parish Priest. Fr Clesio Mendes has been appointed Parish Priest of St Vincent’s Redfern as from 30th April. He will be assisted by Fr. Joe Pelle."

The mass began and after the opening prayer, Clesio announced that on Friday evening he opened a letter … Continue reading

New Ted Kennedy material

Some new writings by and about Ted Kennedy are being added to the website. A couple of his homilies, provided by his sister Marnie, and a collection of articles from The Irish Australian Network publication, TAIN, kindly supplied by its editor Val Noone.

In Irish, tain, with an accent over the "a", has, as one of its meanings, a gathering. It is pronounced toy-n.

You can visit the TAIN website at


Funeral of Veronica Green
Funeral of John Dixon (Dicko)


Ted Kennedy … Continue reading

Priest fights sins of class notes

Another example of how sensitively the Archdiocese exercises its duty of care to priests and parishioners alike – the following article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald over the weekend.

A Catholic priest is battling to repair his name and reputation

Two years ago Father Daniel Donovan walked into a lecture theatre of 32 students to conduct a summer school course in theology as he had done for 14 years without complaint.

By the end of the month class notes taken from that week had been anonymously circulated overseas and in Australia, in effect labelling Father Donovan a … Continue reading