When I was nine years old, a man with a begging bowl chanced to cross my path as I walked through my home- town in England. At that moment I felt deep anger at the indignity of his situation. I silently vowed that I would change the world. That moment has inspired my life. On “finding” Redfern those feelings flooded back. I had always perceived myself as different. At Redfern I came to realise that all of life’s experiences had conspired to fit me for life in an alien world.

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Reflection on St Vincent’s Church

I have been a member of St Vincent‘s Catholic Church since January 1988. I was drawn by a desire to be part of the healing between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal and participate in the struggle for Aboriginal rights within the context of my faith. I was not disappointed. I was embraced for who I was, encouraged to develop and contribute freely as other members also are.

Reflections/Memories of Redfern Community

So many memories and reflections come crowding in as they have for everyone else, no doubt; the following are a few random ones:

Arriving at Redfern (St Vincent’s) for the first time was like coming home. I loved the "place" for being raw, earthy, sparse. I loved its gutsy Word, and its liberating unpredictability. I both loved and hated its dis-comforting challenges. I marvelled at the birds-in-residence.

Reflections on Redfern

When I go to the Redfern Church I feel that I am surrounded by many people of immense spiritual strength and independence. People of like mind and persuasion who follow the true intent of Jesus’ teaching – and lead their lives guided by their conscience rather than a doctrine. I feel at ease in the church and even though there is a city outside it is pretty peaceful.