Freedom fighter #5


Shirley Perry Smith (Mum Shirl) ~ 1924-1998


Colleen Shirley Perry, tireless community worker, died on 28 April 1998 aged 73. Shirley was born on the Erambie Reserve, Cowra, of Wiradjuri descent. Born into a large family, young Shirley received great spiritual and moral guidance from her parents, Isabell and Joseph Perry, elders and grandparents.

Endowed with a prodigious memory and lively wit, she attended the Erambie Mission School, but her education was impaired by epilepsy, at a time when medication for the disease did not exist.

Redfern, a Prophetic Community

A Research Project Towards A Graduate Diploma in Theology
United Theological Institute

St Vincent’s, Redfern may well be spoken of as a prophetic community in that it has an established solidarity with those who are traditionally seen to be on the "fringes" of society. This is seen in the various networks which have sprung up around the church, and in the life commitment of many of those who are worshippers at the Sunday Liturgy.