Holy Week Worship Schedule

Easter at St Vincent’s was once something greatly anticipated by the community – a time of reflection, thanksgiving, renewal and celebration. People would come from far and wide to be part of it.

Why then was yesterday’s (Holy Thursday) ceremony attended by barely two dozen members of the community?

Since their arrival in 2004 the Neocat clergy have fought to strip away the traditions of this parish and unilaterally impose their own alien ways of doing things. Try using this site’s search facility for "easter" and you’ll quickly get a picture of what’s been happening over the years.

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Way back in March 2005, A little bit of paint goes a long way appeared on the old Church Mouse Journal. It was a brief report on the DIY antics of the Neocat clergy who preceded the current pair at St Vincent’s. For your convenience, gentle reader, the item is reproduced here:

Gripped with Easter fervour, Prindiville and Sudla have this week indulged themselves in a little church redecorating. Their redoubtable DIY skills may be admired, not so much on the wall behind the altar where they focussed their attention, but in the paint splashes and smudges … Continue reading

Destroying the temple

It seems that the Neocats, not content with their constant attempts to destroy the St Vincent’s community, are now diverting some of their energies to the destruction of the church (building) and its furnishings.

Several weeks ago the church foyer was given a makeover – rough patches to damaged plaster, sloppily applied paint (traces of which may still be found on Ted’s portrait), and a brand new notice board (lockable, no doubt to protect the offensive notices so dear to the Neocat heart).

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Not a Catholic

Ralph has recently returned to St Vincent’s after an absence of many weeks following a particularly unpleasant encounter with the Neocat clergy in which Clesio Mendes told him in no uncertain terms that he was not a Catholic, and that he was allowing himself to be led astray by the community. This was not the first time that a member of the community has been attacked in this manner.

On January 30 Ralph wrote this letter to the bishops of Australia:

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Neocat paparazzi

For years now, many at St Vincent’s have been unable to take communion from the Neocat clergy who despise the community so, and have elected to share only in the Blood of Christ from the solitary non-Neocat Eucharistic minister.

This seems to have recently come to the attention to the ever alert Clesio Mendes, who queried communicants a week or two ago as to why they weren’t queuing up for the Eucharist from the Neocats.

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Thanks be to George

Well folks, in the absence of any notification to the contrary – or any notification at all, despite numerous attempts to contact the presbytery about the matter over the last week – the customary Sunday Mass was celebrated at St Vincent’s today.

Before saying Mass, Clesio Mendes read out the following letter from Cardinal George Pell:

Message to Redfern Parish – Cardinal George Pell, 20/12/2008

The Church Mouse welcomes this even-handed request for peace at Redfern from one who has in the past given the Neocat clergy … Continue reading

Sunday Mass denied and Christmas Meal threatened

Notice that appeared on the church door today

Clesio Mendes, and, it would appear, Cardinal George Pell and Bishop Julian Porteous, have unilaterally found the St Vincent’s community guilty of interrupting the Mass.

In fact, the Mass was interrupted by Pelle and Mendes, who tried to stifle the Prayers of the Faithful – see Denied Sunday Mass Again.

Their action precipitated numerous letters from the community to Bishop Porteous, administering the archdiocese in Cardinal Pell’s absence

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