Letter to Fr Bob Irwin, MSC Provincial

Father Robert Irwin
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Dear Father Irwin

We have been authorised to write to you on behalf of those members of the community of St Vincent’s Redfern who attended the meeting on May 4, 2003 to discuss the future of St Vincent’s, and in particular the role of Father Peter Carroll as parish priest. Father Carroll was invited to attend but declined to do so. We understand that you were also invited.

The meeting was convened in the context of increasing concern for the spirit and charism of … Continue reading

Guidelines for Appointment of Religious

Guidelines for Appointment of Religious to Ministry with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Prepared by a Sub-committee of the Founding Forum in consultation with ACLRI Aboriginal Issues Task Force. 1999.


These guidelines are offered to Congregational Leaders for use in the appointment of religious to Ministry with Indigenous Australians. They are intended as support and assistance in this task, rather than imposition while at the same time reflecting and strongly asserting a shift in our manner of working with Indigenous Australians.