The Religion Report Transcript

The Religion Report: 28 July 2004 – St Vincent’s Redfern

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National Religion Report is a guide to religious affairs in Australia and around the world. This weekly half-hour program offers analysis of events shaping the world of religion and the religious events that increasingly seem to be shaping our world.

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No positive spin from Pell on wicked Redfern

Perhaps the most telling aspect of this week’s Redfern Catholic community Encounter documentary on ABC Radio National was the decision of Cardinal George Pell and parish priest Fr Gerry Prindiville not to participate.

The program featured the voices of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal parishioners who feel disenfranchised by the new style of ministry introduced by Fr Prindiville and other members of The Neocatechumenal Way. The current model represents a radical departure from that which was built under the leadership of Fr Ted Kennedy over 35 years.

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Record numbers of visitors

Hundreds of people have visited the Church Mouse in the 36 hours since the program was first broadcast. Here are some excerpts from what a couple of them had to say.

Having listened to the Encounter programme on Radio National this morning at 7am, I am most interested in the fate of the bi-weekly luncheons since the withdrawal of finacial support. Is there a plan for raising the necessary funds to support the lunch and if so, how does one contribute?

Helen B.

Dear church mouse

I have just listened to poor church on the ABC.

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Poor Church Transcript

Transcript of Encounter program by David Rutledge 25 July 2005

Encounter is a radio program that may be heard on Sundays at 7.10am (repeated Wednesday at 7.10pm) on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National network.

This highly acclaimed series, co-ordinated by Florence Spurling, explores the connections between religion and life.

With an emphasis on a high standard of creative production, Encounter invites the listener to make connections intellectually, emotionally and intuitively across a broad spectrum of topics.

The program regularly reflects on the religious experience of multicultural Australia. This includes small, … Continue reading

Between the Rock and a Hard Place: Being Catholic Today

Book review

Some years ago, Paul Collins went bushwalking in the remote NW corner of Tasmania known as the Tarkine. Somehow the silent, numinous wilderness of the Tarkine spoke to him and effected an unmistakable expansion of soul – a conversion experience if ever there was one. Later he wrote a short record of this encounter, calling it sacramental: "I had come in contact with something disturbing, living and profound, and I knew that somehow the natural world had now become the primary sacramental symbol for me of a a transforming divine presence.’

Muslims & Catholics come together for Mass in Redfern

The Catholic Community of St Vincent’s at Redfern celebrated a MASS OF COMPASSION AND SUPPORT for those who drowned while attempting to come to Australia on the SIEVX (Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel X) in October 2001, for those suffering the loss of their loved ones in that disaster and for all of our Muslim brothers and sisters who have suffered abuse and harassment in Australia.

One of the organisers, Mary McMahon, said today that the Redfern Catholic community, including the Aboriginal community wished to express deep sorrow for … Continue reading

Redfern, a Prophetic Community

A Research Project Towards A Graduate Diploma in Theology
United Theological Institute

St Vincent’s, Redfern may well be spoken of as a prophetic community in that it has an established solidarity with those who are traditionally seen to be on the "fringes" of society. This is seen in the various networks which have sprung up around the church, and in the life commitment of many of those who are worshippers at the Sunday Liturgy.