Young Community Achievers

Just in case you were succumbing to the Cardinal’s line that the St Vincent’s Community is a ratbag group of ageing, stick-in-the-mud Vatican IIers, the Mouse would like to boast about a couple of our younger members.

Sophia Thibaudeau was one of 21 high school students awarded a Certificate of Commendation and an inscribed medallion for Community Service from the New South Wales branch of the Order of Australia on the 22nd of November 2006. The award was created in 1992 by Dr John Lincoln AM, on behalf of the NSW Branch to reward youth from secondary schools … Continue reading

Reclaiming our imagination

2006 Margaret Dooley Young Writers Award-winning long essay

Visiting Arnhem Land changes a person’s life. The land is rich with spirit, the rivers tell stories from centuries past, the birds fly with unrestrained grace, and the sunsets powerfully whisper the promise of peace. Earlier this year I had the privilege of spending a week in Ngukurr—a remote Aboriginal community in southeast Arnhem Land situated beside the spectacular Roper River. My friend had been appointed acting principal of the local school, and I decided to visit him as well as get a brief insight into community life.

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Why reconciliation matters

2006 Margaret Dooley Young Writers Award-winning short essay

Without doubt, the most important issue facing contemporary Australian society is the continued oppression of our Indigenous peoples. The divide between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians is shamefully expanding at an unacceptable rate. As our economy goes from strength to strength, Aboriginal communities nationwide sink further into the soul-shattering cycle of poverty and despair.

Reconciliation is the cornerstone of our existence. We must move past the systems of assimilation and have the humility and wisdom to learn from these different cultures, so that we can integrate their perception of the world into … Continue reading

Christmas Meal 2006

The annual Christmas lunch was shared with several hundred of the local poor, marginalized and kindred spirits. They came for a feed and for a chat, a little compassion, a little friendship.

In attendance were a number of priests and religious from all over the place, to lend a hand, side by side with the usual Meal helpers.

Missing, sadly as usual, were the parish priest, his assistant, and their little gang of seminarians. Rather than accept repeated invitations to join in, they continue to set themselves apart (above?) and ridicule the community’s efforts.

Fr John Ford said Grace. … Continue reading

Bah Humbug!

The Christmas Sharing of the Meal will be held on Tuesday.

Just because the Church Mouse hasn’t been reporting lately on the day-to-day behaviour of the Neocats at Redfern doesn’t mean things have improved.

When the organisers, trying to do the right thing, first asked Gerry Prindiville some time ago to say Grace on this special occasion, he responded with characteristic gruffness that he would have to think about it. Since there had been no further word from him on the matter, Kate tried him again today, and the response?

He’s still thinking about it.

May … Continue reading

Peter Kearney farewell concert


Don’t forget Peter Kearney’s farewell concert on Sunday, November 12:

I n addition , after Mass at St. Vincent’s on Sunday 12 November as part of the community’s Sharing the Journey programme, Peter and Madge will speak about their connection with Ted over many years.

Who knows, Peter might even sing a song or two.

All are welcome.


Incident at St Vincent’s Church

REDFERN, NSW – Sunday, 22nd October 2006

Today I attended mass at St. Vincent’s Redfern. I went to communion and the parish priest initially refused to give me the host and waited for me to open my mouth to receive it. When I persisted and stood with my hands open, he eventually placed the host in my hand. I then walked down the aisle of the church where I broke the host to give half to a parishioner who has been too traumatized to receive communion from the Neocatechumenate priest. The priest chased me down the church … Continue reading

Decree Finalises Defamation Case against Fr Dennis Sudla

  The following statement was read out to the congregation before yesterday’s 10am Mass.

The St Vincent’s Parish Bulletin distributed on 19-20 August 2006 included an extraordinary item entitled "Apology", which was presented without explanation. This issue of the Bulletin was in very short supply for the Sunday 10am Mass and had been printed on two-week-old "Saving Word" stationery. This deterred many people from picking up a copy. Nevertheless none were left by 10:05am.

Equally extraordinarily, on the preceding Friday the parish priest handed an envelope containing a money order for $200 made out to Sharing the Meal, bearing … Continue reading